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European Center

Vedbaek Strandvej 476
2950 Vedbaek, Denmark

Tel. (+45) 4589 0809

Opening hours Monday-Friday: 09.00-17.00, or simply write to:

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Japanese Language Education Workshop

日本語の慣用的メタファー表現を探る - アラビア語との比較から

5. & 6. November 2016
Please see here for detalils and for registration.



“Lolland and Higashi-Matsushima’s Cooperation on Sustainable Development:
A New Way for Cities to Cooperate

Lecture by Tomoko Kitamura Nielsen on March 17. 2016

See the report

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Check our regular and special events! Find out about various scholarships to go to Japan for students and researchers. There are many of them available!

Come and see our facilities for yourself including the library and the gorgeous tea house!

Opening hours Monday-Friday: 09.00-17.00,
or simply write to:

We look forward to being a hub connecting Japan to Denmark, Europe to Asia.










Workshop on Japanese Language Education - Fall 2015:

"Considering Prosody in Japanese Language Education"

Clik to view proceedings



Workshop on Japanese Language Education - Spring 2015:

"Considering the Form and Content of Grammar Education Aimed at Achieving Behavioral Objectives"

Click to view proceedings.


Workshop on Japanese Language Education - Fall 2014:

“Rethinking Beginner Level Teaching Methodology

Click to view proceedings.


Proceedings for previous workshops are available here.

Bosei - a completely new Folk High School

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